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28 July
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Proud Italian Hyphen (since 2011)
Studying Japanese and Chinese, fluent in English.
Fanart and doujinshi illustrator.
My bias is Ueda Tatsuya, as you can see from my name.
Sometimes I write fanfics and I'm just starting to translate KAT-TUN's songs in English! I'm an amateur so my translations might have mistakes or inaccuracies, so be kind with me and if you find my mistakes, correct me! However, I like sharing them both for me to practice translations and also for me and other people to understand songs' meaning!
I accept requests, thus, if there's anything you'd like me to translate from Japanese or Chinese, feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to grant your requests!
Open to any kind of collaboration, so if you'd like to collaborate with me on fanfics or would like me to draw your story, feel free to ask! I also accept any kind of fanart requests (mainly KAT-TUN related stuff, actually).
I love yaoi, I indeed mainly write and draw yaoi stuff, especially about KAT-TUN.
Shameless fangirl, so expect me to be a real pervert whenever I appreciate my boys.

I love K-pop as well.
My ultimate groups are BigBang and BlackPink!

Also love Queen, Nirvana and Linkin Park!

I love Tanaka Koki, too!

Music, books, art and languages are my absolute reason to live!
Anime and Manga too, and some Japanese, Chinese or Korean dramas and movies as well.

Please, look forward to the projects I post here.
Also randomly write about self from time to time!
よろしく お願いします

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