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- TRANSLATION - KAT-TUN - Interview about "KAT-TUN shokuhou GETTUN"

Hey, guys!
There's another recent interview I thought it would have been fun to translate and share with you all! In here, KAT-TUN talk about their other new show, its contents and stuff so, please read it!
I hope you enjoy it! 💗💙💜

KAT-TUNxYoung Directors’ new tv show is starting! Kamenashi: “For this show, I want to be ‘Gemenashi Kazuya”
“KAT-TUN no shokuhou GETTUN”

The new Tv show “KAT-TUN no shokuhou GETTUN” is starting from this Thursday, April 22nd (every week’s Thursday on TBS from 0:58 to 1:58), it’s a gourmet documentary variety in which KAT-TUN aim to find the “treasured ingredients = shokuhou (they inverted the Japanese お宝食材 otakara shokuzai’s 宝食 as 食宝 shokuhou) they want to try to eat at least once in their life. Approaching their 15th debut’s anniversary, they have accumulated various experiences from the many tv shows they had so far, but -this time- they’ve teamed up with young directors and went out to every region of the country. During their journey, they will struggle to get to savour some foods, published on the first-rate GAIA BOOK “Best 1001 ingredients to taste before you die.”

An interview was done right after the first recording of the program, KAT-TUN’s members have talked about their impressions after they were done at their first location, their feelings towards each team and their enthusiasm for what’s to come.
At the first location of the show, “Kamenashi Kazuya’s team” heads to Kagoshima along with the male and female directors  -with who Kamenashi shares some common features- “Gucchi”, a former baseball player and “Bun-chan” a former softball player, aiming for the “Nihon Kiji (Japanese pheasant)” which the emperor uses to eat on New Year’s.
Then, “Ueda Tatsuya’s team”, went to Mie with the two female directors “Sae-chan” and “Nana-chan”, aiming for the deer meat “The world’s best hunter” obtained; and “Nakamaru Yuichi’s team” heads to Amami Ooshima to aim for the “Legendary fish sennendai”, which can be harvested only once in a thousand years, together with the new director “Mugi”, who revealed that he’s just debuted as a director on that location.

Ueda Tatsuya: “I wonder if I was able to change one of my values and also grow up.”

Each of you went to the first time’s location together with the show’s directors, how was it?
Nakamaru: It’s also because the show has merely started, but also because I got to go to the locations with the new directors, I liked the feeling of not knowing what would come next, as there’s completely nothing pre-established. And it looks like it will be so in future as well, so I’m looking forward to that and I want to do it.
Kamenashi: Since it was our first time on location, we’ve begun by saying “Nice to meet you.” I’ve visited the Nihon kiji’s culture spot, however, there, I’ve, once more, learnt about the flow of getting food and got the chance to practically experience the beauty of what’s called “treasure food.”
As a team, we kept thinking of “How can we manage to have the director’s individuality stand out?”, I want to be aware of that so I can get to have fun in a good way.
Ueda: I went on location to catch a deer, it was a location in which I felt a profound sense of gratitude too facing food and living things. I felt like wondering if I could be able to change my values and if I could also grow.
The first location was a place were I had the chance to get to study various things, and since the team is made up of two female directors, I want to have nothing but fun on locations from now on.

Ueda-san said, while on location, that “Normally -you- get to be with a lot of men on location”, so, is the atmosphere totally different?
Ueda: It’s completely different! /laugh/. But I think that there are different things males and females enjoy, so I want to find what they are.

Nakamaru Yuichi: “While on location, they (the director) had a soft face all the time…”

Kamenashi-san’s team is made up of a former baseball player director and a former softball player director, with who Kamenashi-san has something in common. Despite you being on location, you said “I want to play catch”, how was it?
Kamenashi: It’s not like I want to constantly play baseball, but I thought it would be good to somehow use it as a joke so we could be able to do various things on location. I also have various channels, so I thought of trying to include a joke that way.

Then, for Nakamaru-san, it turned out that this time’s director said that he’s a “newbie” director while you were on location, as a senpai, will Nakamaru-san be the one taking the lead?
Nakamaru: No no, I’d be troubled even if I were to be told so.
All present: /burst into laughter/
Nakamaru: I, too, might be able to give some advice, but in the end it’s the director the one who has the responsibility of having to make the VTR. The director is younger, but I want them to lead, after all.

In the location’s VTR, a wise saying came from Nakamaru-san: “Life urges to make various decisions.”
Nakamaru: I had a talk with the director, who said: “There are many sets to make decisions on.” The director had a soft face all the time while we were on location…
Kamenashi: Since this time we’re in teams, please be the one making decisions, Nakamaru-kun, as that’s the first time.
Nakamaru: Right. But I might take a little more time in order to get the base.

Is there anything you would like to have the chance to do on location in future?
Kamenashi: I think that my team could have strategy meetings every time after the recording in the studio. Then, I would also like to collect some camping equipment, in particular, chopsticks or cutlery to eat the “treasure foods.”

Kamenashi Kazuya:  “I wanted to be ‘Gemenashi Kazuya’ /laugh/”

This time, the teams have their own colours: Nakamaru-san’s team is “red”, Ueda-san’s team is “blue” and Kamenashi-san’s team is “yellow”; the teams are wearing matching colours…
Kamenashi: I didn’t get why they came up with this colour distribution.
Ueda: At first, I thought I had my member colour, but that’s not it /laugh/.
Kamenashi: /to the staff/ Why is it so?
Staff: It’s easy to understand!
KAT-TUN: /laugh/
Kamenashi: What’s the meaning behind Nakamaru’s “red”?
Nakamaru: It stands for “Stop”, right?
Kamenashi: Stop /laugh/. What about me? Be careful?
Ueda: I’m recklessly driving.*
*They’re implying they’re traffic light’s colours. In Japan they use “Ao (blue)” instead of “Midori (green)” since ancient Japanese used the current word for “blue” to describe anything in also green colour, as it was considered a shade of blue. At first, their traffic lights had normal green lights for “go”, but, then, since people would get confused referring to it as “ao”, they changed the light to blue.
All presents: /burst into laughter/

Please tell us about your impressions when you heard the show’s title for the first time.
Ueda: At first, I was like “I’m sorry”, but then I thought it was uncool. When we went on location this time, we went to a souvenir shop and the shop assistant asked us: “What show is it?”, but when he asked it I was embarrassed and couldn’t say it /laugh/. But, since this happened, I might be getting a little more used to it.
Kamenashi: KAT-TUN’s name is made out of the members’ surname’s first letters, but the show’s name is “GETTUN”, so there isn’t the “Ka”, so I thought I’d like to be Gemenashi Kazuya for this show /laugh/.
All presents: /laugh/
Nakamaru: I am okay with it. In half a year, I hope that people will say “I’m watching ‘GETTUN’”, and that it will spread quickly so everyone can say it with the hand gesture.
Kamenashi: /while imitating Nakamaru’s pose in the announcement’s picture/ Is the pose okay like this? /laugh/
Nakamaru: Isn’t it good! /laugh/

Ueda-san’s unexpectedness…!

While on location, each team’s individuality came out, please tell us what you feel is each team’s charming point.
Kamenashi: I think that each of us was able to match up with each director. Nakamaru-kun’s team’s VTR was edited by director Mugi-chan, it ended being as if he was messing with Nakamaru-kun… My team is serious.
Ueda: Serious, indeed.
Kamenashi: We’re very serious, it’s like it can make the core of the show. How is it…? Since I think it’s a serious team which makes no mistakes, I’ve tried to make as many useless things as possible again. As for Ueda-kun’s team, it was edited in a female-director way.
Nakamaru: Ueda’s team is good…
Kamenashi: Even in the VTR the gracefulness came out, it felt like it was “Ueda-san’s unexpectedness…”
Nakamaru: Since the VTR was made from women’s point of view, it felt really warm.
Kamenashi: It was a team like “We’re with Ueda-san!” Because, even though we/they were close during the studio recording a memo (with a message from the directors) came.
Ueda: I felt like “Are they like Yamato Nadeshiko (woman who displays the feminine virtues)?” /laugh/. But, as Kamenashi said, Kamenashi-kun’s team leaves out all unnecessary things, I felt like their way of doing it is “This is ‘Shokuhou GETTUN’”
For this reason, Kame said “Let’s play some things”, but I’m worried, like, could it be that they will cut the part where they played when they do the editing? /laugh/
Kamenashi: As long as we have fun on the scene, it’s fine even if they cut it. I think that my team information show’s format was very strong, so if that’s how Gucchi and Bun-chan can grow, then I’d like them to properly take the lead.
Ueda: As for Nakamaru-kun’s team, I’m personally looking forward to the way Nakamaru-kun and Mugi’s interactions will become more entertaining and fun in the future.
Kamenashi: In the VTR where Nakamaru is talking to Mugi, the editing when getting to Nakamaru’s eyes was like “Don! Don!”, as a first time Mugi understands Nakamaru perfectly.
Ueda: That guy is scary /laugh/
Kamenashi: Because Nakamaru’s eyes were ecstatic /laugh/. He did that cut pretty well. It’s amazing.

Looking it from the members’ point of view, did you feel that the best parts of each other came out?
Kamenashi: All the teams have a “performer” and “director” relationship, however each team has different angles and way of looking at things.
Ueda-kun’s team is targeted to be a documentary in regards of “Ueda-kun”, as for Nakamaru-kun’s team, it is about playing around, and my team is like a news program /laugh/. I think this is what comes out from each team.

A taste of memories with Johnny-san

Among all the things you’ve got to eat up until now, which one is a “treasure food”?
Nakamaru: For me it’s the kue (type of fish). The kue was just as impressive as the sennendai we had on location this time. I ate it about six months ago, but the deliciousness of it was impressive. The kue too comes in a small amount, it’s a type of fish that even local people don’t get to eat that often.
Kamenashi: For me there are various things, but… unagi (eel)! It also brings some positive memories: the first time I met alone with Johnny-san he treated me to unajuu (broiled eel served over rice).
I didn’t go to any lesson, so he told me: “Why aren’t you coming? I want to see YOU for a while”, Johnny-san immediately called me, we went out at that moment and that was the first time ever had unajuu in my whole life. I was like “That’s unajuu?!”, I guess that’s also a touching memory of this moment.
Ueda: If I had to tell a memory I have when I was with Johnny-san, it’s steak. It was said to be “The world’s number one steak restaurant”, he brought me there…
Kamenashi: Isn’t it ○○○○○ (some famous steak restaurant)?!
Ueda: Yeah!
Kamenashi: It’s Tokyo, Shinbashi’s ○○○○○, right?!
Ueda: Right, right! I didn’t have it in my hometown, so I truly thought that was the world’s best steak restaurant /laugh/.
Kamenashi: I thought the same when I was about 16 years old! But, you get to think this if you have been taken there and have been told that: “YOU guys, this is the world’s most delicious steak restaurant” when you are 12, 13 years old. Of course, that place’s steak is yummy, but later on, when I got to know various other steaks, I was like “HEY! Johnny!” /laugh/.
Nakamaru: I believed the same too.

Original Japanese source: https://thetv.jp/news/detail/1028334/

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