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- TRANSLATION - KAT-TUN - "Nani suru KAT-TUN" interview

Hi everyone!
I found another cute interview with all KAT-TUN talking about their new tv show, Nani Suru KAT-TUN. I loved how they kept laughing all the time so I just had to translate and share it with you all!
Hope you will enjoy reading it 💗💙💜

KAT-TUN, just the three of them's relaxed talk!
15th anniversary's tv show: "If we could share the happiness with the fans."

This year, on March 22nd KAT-TUN have reached their 15th debut anniversary. Their regular monthly program "-KAT-TUN's 15th anniversary-  Nani suru KAT-TUN?" is starting on FujiTV on April 19th.

KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya, Ueda Tatsuya and Nakamaru Yuichi have been respectively working on multi-sided solo activities such as drama, varieties, butai and so on, however FujiTV gathered them with this program based on the concept of celebrating the "group's 15th anniversary."

With the theme of "Since it's the 15th anniversary now, the three of them tried ○○ of things like this", each month -the show- will be aired with the kind of content in which each member thought of "Right now, there's this thing I want to try to do all the three of us together", and the other two will join too.

After the first recording for the program, KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya, Ueda Tatsuya and Nakamaru Yuichi have responded to an interview.

Kamenashi Kazuya, Ueda Tatsuya, Nakamaru Yuichi's interview

How was the first recording?
Kamenashi: There was no script, so they let us do it freely. We don't really always have the chance to record something just the three of us, so we could feel an old atmosphere's sensation.
Nakamaru: We had experiences doing tv shows freely, but this was our first time doing it with without even a script. I was the MC so I was a little worried /laugh/.
Kamenashi: Were you worried? /laugh/
Nakamaru: I was thinking about what I should talk about /laugh/
Ueda: It was already like that for "KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi tame ni naru tabi! +", having no script, so I thought this was KAT-TUN-like. Lately, when we do our tv shows it's basic that we have no scripts.
Kamenashi and Nakamaru: Indeed!
Ueda: There's KAT-TUN's style, yet we could also dispatch various possibilities we opened up to, so I feel you can see that kind of gap. It will be on us to change what it will be like the next time, so we're looking forward to that.
Kamenashi: "I want to try and buy 1-million-yen worth toilet paper", or something like that. Is it okay to do this? /laugh/
Nakamaru: Isn't that -like- a YouTuber? /laugh/ It's still okay!

This time, various ideas came out about what the three of you would like to do together.
Kamenashi: The next time will be slippery sumo, right?
Nakamaru: We didn't say it! /laugh/
Ueda: We didn't even say one word! /laugh/
Kamenashi: /laugh/ No, we're looking forward to various things. We almost never got the chance to just hang around and have fun all together. Isn't it so since we were in our teens?
Nakamaru: Right
Ueda: I'm sure we can go with a close feeling to that, right?
Nakamaru: We have looked at the things the fans wrote in the questionnaire about what they would want KAT-TUN to do, but we were surprised at the big amount of contents saying "We want it at leisure."
Ueda: However, the locations we have been to so far were quite harsh, right? /laugh/
Nakamaru: Harsh locations, there were quite a few, indeed...
Kamenashi: Also, we have been into many serious situations in tv, hence we couldn't really show our merry and playful form, though in the past we went to some places for magazines schedules.

This time, when the three of us talked about where to go, I felt like we had a common feeling of when we were young. That's the strong point of being in a group for so many years, I think.

Right now, the three of you developed this kind of talk, but what are the main topics the three of you get excited about when you talk?
Kamenashi: Of course it's the talks about works and lives.

Do you fight for meals?
Kamenashi: We didn't have any struggles about meals /laugh/
Nakamaru: We had a lot of fights in the past, but since that happened, somehow, lately we don't have any discussions at all /laugh/.
Kamenashi: It's because of the spirit of give and take /laugh/. "If you want to do it, then go ahead, if you don't then let's stop", it's like this. In the past we fought because of one zabudon (a cushion used to sit or kneel on) /laugh/. I think we've become more relaxed adults because of such matters.

During the talk, we had the impression that everyone had a feeling of freedom and spontaneity. I think that the fans as well are looking forward to seeing this kind of KAT-TUN.
Kamenashi: We will do our best to be able to chit-chat /laugh/.
Ueda: Though, we usually don't get to do anything like this, so this will be like a brand new tv show. During music shows you get to see a different side of KAT-TUN, don't you?
Nakamaru: Indeed. If we get to do it at last, it would be good to make it different from the other tv shows and give it a good flavour with a more loose feeling. We hope that our fans, of course, but also other people will think "I want to see it next month too."

The show is airing only in Kanto's localities, however after the episode's broadcast, there will be a missed-delivery broadcast on TVer, FOD premium will also add unreleased footages and air a full version of it for those who missed it. It looks like it will be in a format where you can be able to reach many people.
Kamenashi: We will be happy if many people can enjoy it in this kind of format. This way, the whole country or even the world can be able to see it. We were able to reach our 15th anniversary thanks to everyone there, for this reason we would be happy if we could share this with all of them.

I want to spend this year with no regrets, facing the group and the members and in a way that everyone can enjoy it.
Nakamaru: The concept of this show it to celebrate what we are thankful for for our 15th anniversary. To begin with, there's no such a thing as a word to thank, so I hope we can share this happiness with fans while having fun every month.
Ueda: I want to reconfirm the group's qualities while having the chance to do various things for the shape we decided to give to this 15th anniversary and think "After all, KAT-TUN is good." It would be good if we could be able to feel it as something good and positive for ourselves, and I hope our fans can see our true sides.

Original Japanese source: https://www.fujitv-view.jp/article/post-285128/?amp

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