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- TRANSLATION - "What if you lived with Ueda?" (2015.05 Popolo)

Some time ago somebody posted this short Q&A about Ueda and living with a possible lover. When I read it, I just found his answers so cute, so I wanted to translate and share them. I love how he's so cute and spoiled lol

What if you lived with Ueda?

Q:  Would you text a lot during the day?
A: I could.
I don't have any opposition to it. It could be possible (for his probable partner) to receive mails from me like: "I've just woken up~" or "Are you free~?". I also have many SNS stickers, indeed I've been told by my friends that I have too many of them /laughs/

Q: Management of living expenses and savings
A: I've always had the prerequisite that the person I'm going to be with will be somebody who has the reliance to earn their own living. Somebody who's okay to rely on to to a certain extent, if it's not that kind of partner then I can't rely on them /laugh/

Q: "I'm going out"'s kiss
A: There won't be.
A hug would be good, I think. Because, isn't a kiss something you'd do at the beginning when it's still fresh (I think the relationship/cohabitation)? /laugh/
If there's the atmosphere for it it's okay, but if it has to become like a rule then I don't want that.

Q: A side with a gap
A: It's okay if there isn't.
Since we're living together, I don't need that kind of feeling. I just want you to be yourself /laugh/. I, myself, would probably be the type who would expose their own self the most to a girlfriend. More than family.

Q: Room to sleep
A: Same bed
Since we live together I don't want to sleep separately. Even when sleeping, I'm going my pace, so it's on my partner. If my partner is the type of person who's highly sensitive to -me- turning over while sleeping then it can't be helped, I guess~

Q: Your girlfriend's look without make-up
A: Wanna see it
I think it is more comfortable with no make-up. If they're not okay with being bare-faced then we can't live together /laugh/
Basically, cosmetics give the feeling you are painting your face, so I don't really like it.

Q: If you owned a pet
A: A dog
I wouldn't own a cat since I'm allergic. Dogs are undoubtedly affectionate to people and cute. Though, if it ends up being as friendly as my dog is with anyone, then I'd get a little jealous, in terms of parental love /laugh/

Q: Waking up in the morning
A: A way in between wanting to wake the other up and wanting to be woken up
I don't want to be the only one waking the other up, neither I want to be the only one being woken up. It looks like if I (I think he's referring to himself) am being woken up I turn into a bad person /laugh/
Wouldn't the ideal be to wake each other up depending on the situation?

Q: Time alone
A: Not necessary
If we're living together, I wouldn't need a time where I'm like "Leave me here alone for a while" /laugh/. I want to be alone when I'm writing lyrics, but that's because it is for work.

Q: Sharing chores
A: I can't
Basically, I want everything done /laugh/.
Of course, if I'm being asked to do it, I will do it though. Even now, the housework I can do properly is washing/the laundry. Last time I cleaned, I had a boxer friend who came to my house and had it done /laugh/.

Q: Events like birthdays and so on
A: I want them done properly
Birthdays have to be celebrated properly! Especially when giving a present, I want to make the other happy. I don't want to sound too pushy asking "Are you happy with this?". So, I would properly ask what is it that they want beforehand.

Q: Complaining about what happened in the day
A: I want to talk about it
It's not a good feeling to hear people complain. I think I'd do my best not to say anything -if so-, but there would be things I'd say in the end /laugh/. On the other hand, there would be no problem hearing my partner's complaints!

Q: Outfits to go out
A: I want to be helped
To be honest, I'm the type who basically wants you to do everything for me~
For example, if I'm preparing my luggage with stuff I have to take to go on a trip, then I'd like it to be neatly packed /laugh/.

Q: At home with the person I love
A: In between wanting to spoil and being spoiled
It's both~ I don't want it to be one-sided only. But, depending on the situation, I might not be that spoiled. It's quite embarrasing. But, I'm spiritually the spoiled type, yes /laugh/.

Q: Wiring of consumer electronics
A: I can do it
Honestly, I don't think I'm that good at these things~ /laugh/. However, (I'm not sure about the kanji given the quality of the pic) if I do some researches I can try to do it. Then, if it ends up being impossible, I'd tell somebody "Do it~" /laugh/.

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