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Let's powerfully knock 'em down today too!!

Q: Do you hate tough and strong women?
A: I don't hate them, but
I'm from the school of wanting to protect weak women

Q: What was the first KAT-TUN new single that I bought?
A: Dunno

Q: My planned theatre-going to watch SHOCK was cancelled last year's February, but this time it has finally come true and I went to watch its movie version! Thank you so much! If you can, please tell Koichi-san too that I want to thank him! My question is: what is Ueda-san's favourite scene in SHOCK? I would be really happy if you could tell me as much as you can
A: Japanesque

Q: I was still a junior high-school 14-year-old girl when I fell in love with Ueda-kun, but now, after going through various experiences, I'm 23; I became a grown-up woman. Would you take me as your romantic interest?
A: That's good
You've grown well

Q:  Both during lives and in SHOCK's outfits, Ueda-kun has a lot of cloths, but do you order to have lots of cloth yourself?
A: Basically, it's because I decide
the shape of my own outfits for lives,
I am the one who better understands
what suits me

Q: Hey, Ueda-kun - On the contrary, don't you have any question?
A:  No way!

Q: I can't stop loving you, do I make sense?
A: Haven't seen, so dunno

Q: Tatsuya-san, that's enough!! Tatsuya-san>> uses words we don't know on Tatsu-gumi and everyone looks them up. Please, don't manipulate us!! That was a joke!! I'm sorry!! I want you to do it more!!
A: Bothersome woman

Q: Do you read other people's Johnny's web?
A: Nope
I haven't signed up on the first place

That's what we're going for today
See you tomorrow!

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