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Hello, soldiers
We're nearing to the end!

Q: I watched SHOCK at the cinema! SHOCK seen on the screen is so bright and powerful. I was able to be satisfied seeing the glory of Ueda-kun's emotions with his expressions of madness, fear... during the stage. And, I noticed that my favourite scene from Eternal, where you dance while wiping tears off wasn't there, at the Imperial theatre last year. I've discovered that there was an evolution and that Tatsuya's feelings deepened more, I was deeply moved by it. I'm deeply moved to have been taken to the world's best movie.
A: No
It was from the Imperial theatre (the scene mentioned in the question)

Q: Would Ueda-kun tell a girl who he doesn't like at all that she's cute?
A: I would

Coz girls are pretty

Q: I couldn't go to see Endless SHOCK last year because it was cancelled, so this time, with the movie, it's my first time seeing it. It was truly a masterpiece, I was so moved that I couldn't get out of SHOCK's world. I had the chance to watch SHOCK for the first time thanks to Ueda-kun, but I've became such a fan that I'd definitely go to see it even if Ueda-kun wasn't there. Thank you for giving me this chance! Tatsuya!
A: I've been your excuse,
and acted like an intermediary
So pay the intermediary fee of exactly ¥500000...

Q: In the video from some time ago Kamenashi corrected the K-pose KAT-TUN used to do time ago, but Ueda-kun's way to do it is right lol
A: I know
Since I'm fully confident,
don't really dig too deep into it lol

Q: I'm a freshman employee. I make mistakes at work, and unintentionally end up getting frustrated and cry. What should I do to have a strong heart like Ueda-kun?
A: You cry because
you were doing things seriously.
If you weren't serious about it,
you wouldn't feel that way.
You're just like that
and it's okay this way, don't change

Q: Tacchan, take Hyphens to the Dome
A: We can't use Dome now

Q: Since I've started using the face mask, my eyes have grown more powerful to show expressions and convey my feelings
A: That's good

Q: Ueda-sama, aren't you using the Jaguar tattoo during this time's SHOCK? The Jaguar tattoo you used last time was so sexy, it was the best! Now, there isn't that Ueda-sama looking so good with that pattern!!
A: Eternal is set for a rebirth
so the tattoo was erased

Q: Has Tacchan done setsubun? (T/N: setsubun is the day between two seasons, the end of the end of winter and the beginning of spring. During this day, people use to throw beans to kick evil spirits away and bring good luck).
How would you deal with it if you were hit by beans?
A: I'd drill a deko (guess, hole?) and throw heavy sh*t in it

That's all for today!
See ya!

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