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Let's do it today too

Q: I want to see Ueda-kun's black hair...
A: I have full black hair in my latest drama, you know

Q: Hey, hey, Ueda-kun, please give me a pretty strong nickname
A: Goromaru (T/N: That's also the surname of a Japanese rugby player, so I guess he chose it coz the person in the question asked for a strong name? Lmao)

Q: I went to see Endless SHOCK. The drone did a good job for Ueda's solo.  One unfortunate thing, though, is that there weren't many parts with hip swinging...
A: Because it was taken a year ago
That was an ad-lib I (ore-sama) came up with
I change it everytime I dance lol
It's the only song allowing to be off the wall

Q: Congratulations for putting on display SHOCK's movie! What is the "regrettable thing" (mistake) mentioned on the first day's stage greetings? Is it the scene during Broadway's act where Tatsuya tells Rika "Thank you for waiting" ? (T/N: written as お待んたせ omantase, instead of お待たせ omatase)
A: That was a joke
Somehow the sound was indecent

Q: Is Ueda-kun quaking because he can't see us, right?
A: At all
I'm the very image of health itself

Q: Hey, Uedaa, why do you immediately take your clothes off when it's hot during a live?
A: Isn't it a natural dispensation
to take clothes off if it's hot?
How do you guys do?!

Q: Trial's boost = toy? (T/N: It's part of Ueda's rap in Real Face#2)
A: No, the trial's boost
is wanting forgiveness soon

Q: Have you loosened your hairstyle recently? I the gloomy Ueda-kun!
A: Eternal is a
different story so I let it grow and so.
I've stopped styling my hair up.
Because Eternal is three years later (T/N: Eternal is set three years after the main story of Endless SHOCK)
Both Koichi and Tatsuya
should have grown into adults, also their personality.
That's why I think it's good to have a change.
That's the reason why I change it!

Q: What do you honestly think of youngers?
A: They're cute so I like them

Q: Ueda-kun! Good boy, good boy~ Massu did it! So, can Ueda-kun do it too...
A: Other places are other places
Home is home

Q: It's been a while I'm curious about what colour is your toothbrush
A: Go round again
(T/N: I think he made a joke with the 一周 isshuu the person in the question used, using it as "go round")

It's about time
Disappear, quickly!!
See you tomorrow!

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