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Let's go hard today too!!

Q: Tacchan!  What should I do if I wanted to become Ueda's pet? Please tell me the conditions so that you can keep me!!
A: Not eat p○op

Q: Ueda-kun! Ueda-kun! Hey, Ueda-kun! Ueda-kun are you listening to me? Are you looking? Don't ignore me!
A: Shuddup!!

Q: I went to watch Endless SHOCK's movie at the movie theatre on the first day! It was all so cool I was glued to the screen. I can live longer with this! Thank you.
A: Live long to be an old lady

Q: What does Ueda-kun think Kocchan (Koichi)'s cute sides are? Or any cute episode about him?
A:  When he carries a backpack! Lol
Koichi is carrying a backpack!
It's like: "So cuuuute"! Lol

Q:  Ueda-kun, I really want to see Ueda sing Hana No Mau Machi at all costs. Isn't there any chance for you to sing it again?
A: That's a famous song, huh!
Ueda Tatsuya is a genius
If I'll do a solo concert I'll 100% add that song to it

Q: Hello, Ueda-kun. Today, I went to see Endless SHOCK's movie on the first day, on the day of the butai's greetings. Good job at the greeting stage. SHOCK's world appearance on big screen has a way different atmosphere from the butai, also, Tatsuya was absolutely great. During the stage greetings, Koichi-kun said that the point Ueda-kun gor wrong (lit. Regrettably did) was when, watching it from the audience, Ueda-kun skillfully threw the drum's stick to the stage's wing? Lol
Is it correct? If it's so, please praise and reward (me?) lol
A: I said 's not that!
You soldiers!!

Q: Since last year's SHOCK in February got cancelled, I was truly desperate that I would have died not being able to see Ueda-kun's SHOCK ever again. After that, I've watched the Instagram live and Eternal in Osaka, but I've always wanted to see the main story as well. So, I'm truly happy it was turned into a movie this time. I'm also looking forward to the 15th anniversary. I'm sorry if what I said wasn't interesting.
A: It's okay.
It wasn't interesting at all, but
It's okay.

Though, that wasn't interesting at a~ll

that's it

Since there are too many questions,
I'm still wondering where to divide them and at what point to stop
or when I should continue...

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