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shall we do it today too?

Today, it looks like there's a lot of talks about SHOCK, huh...

Q: I don't want to go search for a job, please let me get in the Tatsu-gumi!!!!!
A: It's okay, but the monthly tuition fee is ¥300000

Q: Do you really call Bibari-san (T/NEndless SHOCK actress, the lady) "Biba-chan"?
A: I do

Q: I've seen Endless SHOCK's movie. The impact of the Japanesque part was amazing. By the way, Koichi says in his speech that the Japanesque is the happy ending, but  how can it become a happy ending without replacing the katana? Does Ueda-kun know?
A: I don't know, but
in the end I'm defeated and
the princess is saved,
isn't that a happy ending?

I don't know

Q: Koichi-kun said it, that Ueda-kun made a mistake not putting his drumstick away, is it so? Have you thrown it after that?
A: There were so many f*cking
questions like this

the fact that you consider this as a failure
is the reason why
I call you basic soldiers

The fact that the drumstick broke
was quite a sweet accident
to me.

That scene
is the scene when
at the end, the stage
with Koichi burns.
When it broke with that timing
and I've seen it in the movie,
I've thought
that it was just as expected from me doing it (T/N: he used ore-sama ahdjd)

That failure we're talking about,
no matter who looks at
it, it was just a mistake

No worries,
that's something only SHOCK's professional members,
Koichi, would understand

You can't really get it.

Serves you right!!!!

Q: The greeting stage for SHOCK's movie (I think they're referring to Ueda's looks) was completely way too cool, (T/N) Ueda was?) number one host, it was breathtaking (;ω;) Where should I go to send the champagne tower?!?!?!
A: Transfer it
to my bank account

Q: Since I'm part of the medical field, I take counter measures against the infection every day. We are restrained also from going out, except for going shopping. Therefore, I can't neither go to the Imperial theatre to see SHOCK, nor to the movie theatre to watch SHOCK. It's really painful... I couldn't even go to the performance I planned to go to on last year's February as it was cancelled. I'm being patient, but this isn't rewarding at all, it's really painful... I want to be encouraged... Then, I think it will be a little easier
Q: Thank you~
Because you're doing that job,
we're also being able to entertain,
and we're really grateful.
when this period will be over,
please, come and see us,
as I'm really waiting.
Thank you.

Q: If Sakurai-kun (they got the wrong kanji, writing it as 桜井) and Koichi-kun invited you out for a meal on the same day who would you go to? I'm really looking forward to Endless SHOCK's movie and butai
A: First of all, my aniki's surname is

櫻井... okay?

Start again! You fool!

that's all for today!

See you tomorrow!!

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